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Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA (Gold coast)

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Thanks for checking my page. My name is izzy. Very nice pleasure to meet you, if your checking my page. Glad you got a chance to read my profile. How I got in the massage world back in 2013 was crazy. I was actually working as a chef. Love the culinary world. But always had a separate passion for the arts of body work, alleviating pain, healing source with the finger tips, I utilize this power source so intriguing and unique to my advantage and ease the tensions, relaxing the layers of tissue, sinking to the tendons and riding the muscles from spasms, trigger points and aches. The mind is a very powerful source, in fact the most powerful organ, yet how I use mine in my everyday life is a One Of A Kind Relaxer, I have been doing Massage now for the past 5 years now and as a Licensed Massage Therapist I have very extensive flow in this business. I really care of anybody’s treatment once your in my presence. I believe the only treatment is With Organic oils. Anything USDA Organic certified. Before the chemical world and manipulating science really took affect in all regions, An organic world existed, were products, vitamins, enzymes, true source of enrichment food cultivated every farm from every state and region. Us not having the right source to get enlightened and knowing whats true or not, got us to be asleep. I’m here to awakened that source, our bodies are Organic, meaning one source, one life, one creator, one mother, one father, one of us no other soul is identical to us. Our bodies heals itself from diseases when stress is eliminated. That's why I'm here to release every bit of stress in the little time.we have. Were are unique. I generate my own oils. My base oils are organic sunflower oil which has some Vitamin E in it. Feel free to contact me

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Age 30 Y/O
Height 5"8
Weight 140
Ethnicity Mexirican
Body type Toned
Hair colour Dark brown
Eye colour Dark
Body hair Smooth
D Size 8.5
Position Top


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Bill Antioch

Nice to meet you


Izzy is a man with a fresh, youthful manner. His professional skills are top tier, he massages intuitively and responds to your questions and comments intelligently. His service is a great value in terms of therapy, relaxation and conversation.

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