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Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Last Online: Feb 2020

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I Offer 50 Off For Those Who Call To Ask Questions
Ways to get discounts:
If you call me to set up an appointment and ask questions about the massage then I give $50 off.

If you leave a review on FriendBoy then you can get $40.00 off next visit

If you leave a review on yelp you get $20.00 next visit

I am the Michael Jordan of massage, that is a bold statement, but keep reading.

I try to combine various aspects into my massage practice. I play binary beats for meditation while doing the massage which makes it so listeners drift into Alpha brain wave states, (Google the tefriendboy please it's interesting) which actually allows me to get into the massage more, and be more attune, and aware. You will drift into a meditative state almost, and I will be relaxed and focused. Literally, every clients has just loved this aspect.

The three pillars of my practice are:
Relaxation techniques, partner stretching techniques, AND massage of course.

For the relaxation techniques:
I combine scalp, face massage, and I have a secret cuddly relaxation technique that blows people away every time.

For the stretching techniques:
I stretch mostly the legs. Some of the poses are interesting because I am so intuitive that I can tell exactly how I need to position myself for the stretch. Clients have joked that if we took a picture that we would look like a pretzel because of the positions and how wrapped up we are, but I use my entire body to stretch you.

For the actual massage part:
I try to focus primarily on your problem areas because why spend a bunch of money for a massage if it doesn't produce some kind of result for you. The result being less pain, inflammation, and more movement.

Basic info

Age 25 Y/O
Height 5'8"
Weight 150
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body type athletic
Hair colour blonde
Eye colour blueish
Body hair very smooth
D Size 6.5
Position vers/bottom


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Into men and women
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The most satisfying massage I’ve ever had. The perfect blend of hot and therapeutic massage by an incredibly good looking, well trained, and caring guy!

Joseph/san diego

One of the best...very knowledgeable and friendly. Try him n you will be hooked n mesmerized by his looks n ability to massage.

Joe Allen

Highly recommended. Super relaxing ambiance, great music and great vibe. He was very attentive and also attractive. I see him as much as I can.


Met Jordan 4-5 times already, I am a regular client of his. This guy is cool as hell, I am giving him a review on this site so that other people won't get ripped off by picking someone they don't know. I got ripped off by someone on a site like this, so now I give shout outs to the legit guys I find to help the continuity of the community. The massage is an actual legit massage!!

Josh san diego

Love Love Love this guys massages. The massage was the most unique massage I have ever had. He sold me on the idea of using heat therapy for deep tissue massage, so we went into my Jacuzzi and then he did deep tissue on my legs which made it so the pain was hardly noticeable.


Met with Jordan, and he gave a great massage, hands down the guy really tries hard. Has good knowledge of the body, and knows how to use his hands;) I got ripped off once using this site, but rest assured his pictures are accurate and he is the real deal.

LovetoTravel, SD

If you are looking for a no nonsense, young, fit, good looking, sexy masseur, you have found your guy. He gives a great massage and can work on any areas you need focus. Your time with him will fly by and you will be begging for more. 2 Thumbs Up and i am now a repeat customer.


He does exactly a great thing, started with a lot of stretching making cracking sounds in my back, not to mention it was home service, that's why I feel so relaxed.... Can't wait more time to see him again


I like to experience massage and bending in general is difficult for me due to the slip disk in my back. With the issues I have, I didn't know that this massage therapist could properly help iron out all my stuff muscles I have. Best massage!

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