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Location: Tampa, St. Pete's & Clearwater, Florida, USA (town and country)

Few words

with your truly you most definaly get the best of both worlds considering im black and white.its like im always telling poeple you take exclusive everything and mix in always super fun and what you end up with is sensory overload,thats me incase you wher wondering lol..true story in good shape and do gymnastics ,yoga and swim not to mentoin my other features are grade A+ n i love to show them off n know just the rite ways very personal and great conversatoin if thats the kind of thing your into atleast and need somebody to realy talk to not a one way conversatoin.i try my best and do very well if i do say so myself at manifesting positive energy and light whenever and wherever i might be at that time and place in space.speaking of which im a scorpio 3rd order golden eagle .well thats enough about me .im sure you are starting to get the picture by for tne rest of the story...whats understood dont need to be explained.say less.clear.k ttyl bye...

Basic info

Age 30 Y/O
Height 6 foot
Weight 140
Ethnicity black and white
Body type slim athletic
Hair colour black
Eye colour brown
Body hair black
Position versatile


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