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Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Last Online:Dec 2023

Few words

I am very picky in what I seek.I am not submissive my kink is more a prey that seeks to be hunted down, tricked, deceived hedonistically whether drinking, smoking , poppers, tricked or deception. I am very picky. If all your into is normal or basic stuff please don't waste your time with me. I like nasty freaks with no limits, used from head to toe, and not just be focused ass and mouth. I am very picky in what I seek. So if you want to fulfill your perverted fantasy you must hunt me down, employ every tactic you got on your arsenal whether deception, tricking or corruption. My fantasies are not vanilla, I am more of a prey that seeks to be hunted down, tricked, deceived , psychological deception, sleep play, forced whether poppers (amsterdam or rush) or drinking, consensual nonconsent whether passed out or sleepimg, bondage ,abduction , those are few of my darkest interest. You may see it as roleplay but it's not , its actual hunting of your prey. So if your more of a pervert that seeks to fulfill their fantasy, the message and let the hunting begin. I am naturally very inhibited so what I enjoy is deception , hedonistically speaking. I mostly enjoy popper and drinking but feel free to employ any other creative tactics.Enjoy your hunting!!!So what I am probably narrowing my audience to a few selective people. I dont care what I am seeking is nasty pervs with unfulfilled fantasies waiting to become true. If i am speaking to you and your eagerly waiting to fulfilll your fantasy hmu. My audience is only a selective pick of freaks. So HMU if your my primal hunter looking to hunt their next prey. I am not the submissive your expecting rather more of your prey to employ your hunting tactics of deception, trickery, deception, psychological play. If your the client, I trully seek then HMU If all your loking for is a blowjob and fucking dont waste your time with me. I rather be picky , have a few clients fhan to have many. Take your time to understand what I just wrote.

Basic info

Age 26 Y/O
Height 5'10"
Weight 130 lbs
Ethnicity Latino
Body type Skinny
Body hair Some Body Hair
Position Bottom


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